this is not a love story

well, what the hell are we doing in denver?

jack kerouac


The squirrel is in the box

There are three levels of classification of U.S. intelligence material.

• Confidential – That applies to information which could “cause damage to the national security”.
• Secret – Secret classification is for information which could “reasonably … be expected to cause serious damage”.
• Top secret – Top secret information is information the government believes could “reasonably … be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security”.

Code-word information goes beyond the top secret clearance. It refers to the most classified information the government obtains, and it is protected with extremely limited access and unique security protocols.
It is administered by the CIA, and only people with the code-word access to the information may see it. According to the Washington Post story, what the president discussed with the Russians was under a code word.

Here are three examples of code-words for Donald Trump. The package has been delivered. The squirrel is in the box. The idiot is in the Oval.